End childcare placement, guardian



In the e-service End placement, you as a guardian can end your children’s placements, this you can do for children who have a placement in preschool, leisure time center or pedagogical childcare.



Select the child for whom you want to end the placement and then select the menu option Placement and then end placement.



In the overview view, you can see your current, future and past placements.


Current placements

Here you see your current placements.

Click on a current placement to go ahead and end that placement.

Select the end date and possible reason for the termination, then click on the confirm button to end the placement.

The municipality may have rules for how early you can end the placement, in which case it is shown in the view.


Previous placements

Here can you see previous placements for the child and when the placement was ended.

Click on any previous placement to see more information about the placement. You see information about the start and end date of the placement and you can also see eventual reason for the ending.


Future placements

Here can you see your child’s future placements and you have, as in current placements, the opportunity to end your child’s placement.

To end a future placement is a rule, so your municipality decides if this opportunity should be possible.



Based on your municipality’s rules, the system decides how early you can end your placement and how long you must pay the childcare fee.